Thursday, January 18, 2007

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Nice People

There's some nice people here. I've heard on the radio about people that do this but have never witnessed or been a part of it. I think more people should do it...

I went to the orthodontist this morning which is just a couple block walk from my office to replace the top chain on my braces cuz it broke, even though I have an appt on Monday. Anyway on my way back from the ortho I stopped for a coffee at Tully's. They have something new and thought I'd try it. It's called Yerba Mate Latte, which is a traditional South American vitality drink. It's actually pretty good. So I walked in as the door was closing behind someone else. They quickly apologized for not holding the door open for me. How rude. However, to make up for it, he bought my drink for me. So free latte for me woo! He was wearing shorts too which is kind of odd since it's nearly freezing temperatures outside. I didn't ask. He seemed nice. I thanked him for the free drink and went back to work.


  1. I haven't tried yerba mate yet--can you describe the taste?

  2. It's a bit like Chai tea except not as sweet. If you like Chai tea you may like it.

  3. Loves me some chai tea--I did a test run on flavoring my lip balm with it and that went over well too. I'll have to find some mate and try it :)