Sunday, October 08, 2006

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New Desk

I finally decided to buy a new desk for my computer room. Doug came over and helped me put it together. It went together pretty well. It started out kind of slow but once we got all the screws labeled so we knew what was what it went a lot better. Not all of the pieces were labeled either, but wasn't too hard to get figured out.

Here's the before shot:

Here's the after shot:

I think it looks much much better, I like it. Now I need to figure out what to do with my old desk... I also bought a hutch but I'm debating whether or not I should take it bck or not. Here's a pic of what the desk/hutch look like. What do you think should I keep it? If I kept it I would have to move my huge monitor from the corner of the desk


  1. wouldn't your monitor fit in the little monitor spot? I'd use it. It looks like nice place for storage.

  2. you're right, looks much better.

    I agree with Beo - looks like great space for stow-age