Saturday, September 16, 2006

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My mom's brothers are not what you'd call SMRT. My parents live in MT. You can't really find any fresh roasted peppers out there but they are all over the place in Colorado where the rest of my mom's family lives. Her brothers decided to send her some. I don't know if they froze it first but it would make sense I guess. But they did think about keeping it cool. Guess how they did that. Ice cubes... Makes sense right? It seems they didn't put the ice cubes in a baggy or anything just right there in the box with the roasted chilies. Guess how far it made it. All the way to Denver, CO. Not very far. To say the least, the package did not make it to my mom. They ended up returning it. I can't imagine what kind of shape it was in when it got back to them but the chili was no good. I guess it was the thought that counts.

I thought I saw a roasted chili stand in Woodinville the other day. I'm going to go by there again this week and if it was what I thought it was I think I'll pick some up for my mom.


  1. LOL!! Raw ice cubes in the box! A total guy thing I think.


    If you can get dry ice, that'd do the trick.