Monday, September 25, 2006

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Melakwa Lake

The summer is just about over and the nice weather is coming close to an end. Soon it will be rain for months on end and the trails will be covered in snow. It seemed like the perfect weekend for a hike. The only hikes I've been on this year have been pretty small. A couple times down to Snoqualmie Falls (.5 miles) and a bit of hiking in Great Falls during my visit this year and that's about it. Michael suggested Melakwa Lake. I don't think I had heard of this Lake before but I have heard of Denny Creek. The Denny Creek trail leads to Melakwa Lake. It's a 9 mile round trip and is rated a 2 out of 5 difficulty in my NW Hiking guide. I think I would have rated it a 3 at least. It's fairly long and pretty steep in a few places. It's one of the most popular trails around.

There was actually a ranger guarding the entrance to the parking lot to make sure people had their trail passes, which you can get for $5 at a vending machine at the ranger station. We happened to not have one so had to drive about 2 miles to the ranger station to get one. We started off a little late, around 1:30 pm. Some of the early birds were already leaving so that at least opened up a few parking spots. The parking is pretty limited. We ended up not getting back to the car till nearly 7:30 and it was starting to get dark fast. We luckily made it back to the car before it got too dark.

I noticed when I got to the car that my left back tire wasn't even touching the ground. I had to kind of park near a ditch so the front end was down a bit. I went to back up and it wouldn't budge. Doug was outside trying to help but it just wouldn't move. Then I realized I had the parking break on. Duh! After realizing that I was able to back out with a little help from Doug.

Pics from the hike are posted on my site.

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  1. I'm glad you liked it and tell Doug that I'm sorry for suggesting such a long hike ;)