Thursday, September 14, 2006

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Makin Stuff

So I've made a few things since my last post.

I made another batch of soap this will be my 4th. I decided to try a new ingredient this time. I went to Larry's Market by work. This is like a specialty foo foo fancy grocery store. I wouldn't buy everyday groceries there cuz it's expensive but I sometimes go there and pick up something for lunch or to snack on. They also have stuff that a normal grocery store doesn't have like dozens of different kinds of oils that are great for making soap with. I picked up some Almond Oil and some organic vegetable shortning made with Palm Oil. I was surprised because most vegetable shortnings are made with Soy Bean oil so I picked some up cuz I've been wanting to try palm oil. I used a mix of sweet grass and Sandalwood Amber. I love the way it smells and the soap texture is great. It did get thick really fast so the top is a little bumpy but I can deal with that. I put some brown swirls in it which actually looked purple when I did it but after I let it set they turned brown. Here's how it looked after I took it out of the mold.
Sweet Sandalwood Bar

You can buy any of the soaps I've made on my new store. I'll add more soaps to my store as I make them.

Another think I made over the weekend was some blackberry jam from handpicked blackberries that are overtaking my backyard. I've really got to do something about those things. I've thought about actually hiring one of those "kill blackberries permanently" people. Wonder how much that would cost. I was thinking it would make about 6 jars well I was wrong. It ended up making 11. I had only prepared 6 jars and after I filled those and had a bunch leftover I had to hurry up and wash and sterlize more jars. It looks like they turned out though. They all sealed properly and they all jelled well. I haven't tried them yet though. Maybe I'll open up a jar this w/e to try.


  1. Hey Paula, it's me Ruin, I love your pics. Your berry problem would not be one for I love'em! I can come over anytime and just gobble 'em up for you.