Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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Back from Burningman

Got back from Burningman last night. Got the van unpacked and cleaned up and returned today. I also managed to get my pics up on my site. I'm usually the first one with their pics up but this year I was beat by about 3 other people from camp :o I took 445 pics this year and ended up putting 140 up on my site here: http://agape1.net/Gallery/Burningman2006

I also put some of my favs up on flickr:

Here's just a few of the things I did while at Burningman.

- Got locked in a small cage with 3 other girls

- Got a soothing hand job at the Mile High Camp

- made a shirt out of a pair of panties at the panty camp

- got pampered at the Lavendar Lounge with lavendar water spray, head massage, and lavendar eye patches

- Played twister for over an hour at the Twisted Twister Camp

- Volunteered at Arctic Ice Camp with my PSA (Playa Security Agency) camp mates for 3 hours

- Went to a Hawaiian Luau and had roast pig

- Got a bladder infection and visited the med tent twice a day for 3 days. Darn I didn't get a pic of the med tent.

That covers some of the excitement I had over the course of last week.


  1. I got your postie-card yesterday, just before I saw you on IM. Thanks for thinking of me while you were there :) Did you give away any soap at all?

  2. I brought my lavendar soap to give away but ended up not. I figured I should probly try the soap before I give it out to people. I just have too many soaps to try. I ended up using Vickie's Rosemary Mint soap while we were there. It was good!

  3. Yep, that's a good idear :) I scrape down my soap pot well and let the scrapings harden a little, then make a patty out of it to test with.

    And I love Vickie's Rosemary Mint--when I test for her that's the scent she sends me most of the time.

  4. soap patty is a good idea maybe I'll do that next time. I kinda did that with my first batch. I just scraped the sides into a single soap mold. Soap tester sounds like a nice job to have :)