Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Burningman Bound

Doug and I are gearing up for our trip to Burningman. We're leaving on Saturday and will return Sept 5th. This will be my 3rd trip and Doug's 4th. Our camp has a great location this year. We'll be pretty close to Center camp which is where a lot of the action is. We go there every morning to buy ice so the closer you are to center camp the better. Our camp this year is called PSA (Playa Security Agency) We've got uniforms and badges and will be patroling the playa keeping people safe. We'll have a threat level indicator at our camp and will serve colored drinks depending on what the threat level is.

I've only just begun to check out the other theme camps that are going to be there. I've just breifly looked at the ones that will be near us. It would take a month to check out every one. There's going to be 542 theme camps this year! Here's a few of the ones that are going to be near us:

Gnome camp - You can adopt a gnome and they will give you a disposable camera to take pics of the gnome during the week. They're having a party on friday where they will serve drinks and you can return the camera and they'll post the pics online.

Lavendar Lounge - they'll have a cooling lavendar mist, air beds, lavendar eye mask, head vibration massage. mmm doesn't that sound nice?

Panty Camp - Actually this one isn't near us but I thought it was kinda funny. They have a panty pavilion made completely of panties (I hope they're clean)

Smoochdome - well that's pretty self explanitary

The Sprawl - Every morning they provide sunscreen and will slather it on for you and give you lemonade and cookies

Wattos Junk Yard - a place to exchange and fix all star wars equipment, mainly light sabers. (uhhh hmm too bad I don't have any star wars equipment, guess that's one camp I won't need to visit)

We also have some friends that are staying at some other theme camps:
Firemuse WOW! Circus - There should be lots of fire throwing and acrobatics and who knows what at this camp.

There's another group of people but I still need to find out what camp they'll be at. They're bringing the rocket bus we worked so hard on a few years ago. They've transformed it some more and it will apparently even have a rooftop dance floor on it. Can't wait to see it!

Anyway that's just a few of the hundreds of camps that will be there. I'll be sure to take lots of pics!


  1. Lavender Lounge??? That just plain sounds like heaven.

    Now I'm thinking about the lavender candles I did one year--might have to get some soy wax :)

  2. Where are these places and is it like a vacation club/package or something?

  3. Trina, hehe not exactly. If you go to it will explain it better. I think you'd have a great time! It's like this big festival in the desert where people bring all kinds of crazy stuff. There's various "theme camps". Groups of people just get together and register their camp and the burningman people tell you where to set your camp up at. It's out in the middle of the desert. You can go all week or just a couple days and check out all the crazy stuff people are doing. Pretty much the only thing you can buy there is ice so you gotta bring all your own stuff. camping gear, water, food, etc. Camps are always giving out food and drinks and stuff for free though it's good to bring a little something to give in thanks for the freebie stuff. Like I'm bringing postage paid postcards to give out and some soap I made. It's a blast!