Saturday, July 22, 2006

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holy hotness

I'm back from the hotness that was Montana with my parents who have no AC back to my WA which is just as hot and I have no AC. I got home to an 89 degree house and it got up to 92 in the house. I don't think I've ever seen it that hot in my house before. I'm not sure my thermostat goes above 92 degrees. You know it's hot when the temp on your thermostat starts blinking. I have a fan setting on my thermostat which I don't think I've ever used before. I decided to turn it on with the cool setting. Whoa the temp stopped blinking when I did that. That's a good thing I guess. The temp has gone down 1 degree already since I turned it on about 5 mins ago. We'll see how good this fan works. I've set myself up a little bed downstairs in case it doesn't cool off enough to sleep. I sure as heck ain't sleeping in a 90 degree bed that's for sure. I don't think my parents place even got that hot. It's almost 10 degrees warmer inside the house than it is out. Is it time to invest in A/C?


  1. Welcome home :)

    It's been pretty horrible here, but you don't normally get the killer heat there, do you? Maybe get a window unit for the bedroom?

  2. It's not normally this hot here for too long at a stretch. As soon as you pay for an AC unit we'll be back in the 70s and you'll wish you had that $300 dollars to invest on something else.

    I was in MN for a few days, but it was the warmest on the Day I went out to see Javvy - go figure!

    Welcome back to the heat wave, it will be gone again in a day or two.