Sunday, July 09, 2006

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First Soap Making Experience

Thought I would post and let you all know how my first attempt at soap
making went. All in all I think it went pretty well. Only one thing
didn't go as well as I had hoped. I bought some dye for soap making but
either the lye ate it up or I didn't put enough in because it doesn't look
like it changed color at all after I put it in. I did mix it with water
before I added it but it doesn't look like it took. Not a big deal.
Everything else seemed to go well. Thanks to Serra for being online while
I was making my soap so I could ask questions while I was making it.
Here's the recipe I ended up using with Serra's helpful suggestions I
ended up adding a few more things to my recipe than I had originally

2 oz castor oil
6 oz coconut oil
2 oz mango butter
10 oz olive oil
2 oz palm kernel
2 oz shea butter
8 oz lard
10 oz water
4.3 oz lye

I also found it might be a good idea to get a 2nd thermometer and a scale
that goes to two decimal places would also be helpful. I also used
lavendar scent for this batch. I filled up the mini mold that holds 9 bars and I scraped the bowl with a spatchula and put the scrapings into a single mold I got
from Ben Franklin. The soap is currently in the garage inside a plastic
grocery bag and covered in a blanket. Tomorrow I'll check on it and
attempt to get the soap out of the molds.



  1. I didn't even think to take pics while I was making soap. I should have had Doug take some. Oh well I'll take a pic of them in the mold before I take the soap out and then another one outsid of the mold and post em up.

  2. Goody! Those are the cool ones. I love seeing what happened between the time I put it in the mold and go back to take it out.