Friday, June 02, 2006

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Damn Orkins

I will never be doing business with the Orkinman again. I cannot believe how unorganized these people are. I don't have rats or anything like that, that I'm aware of. I called these people to take care of the yellow jacket nests that are covering my house.

Step 1: inspection. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG. They have this online form thingy you can fill out and someone will call you to make an appointment. umm ok. Fill out form click send. Hour or so later chick from Atlanta calls. Cingular HQ's are in Atlanta so when I saw the 404 area code I knew where it was coming from and I automatically thought it was people from work calling since I talk to people everyday over there. Turns out it was the Orkin people calling me to set up an appointment. Ok so I set it up for my next work from home day between 10-noon. Work from home day noon time comes and no Orkins are at my door. I call the place and they dont know what happened and they transfer me to the local Orkins in Everett who are actually doing the work for me. I talk to them and they say stuff seems to get lost when it goes through their HQ. *sigh* So I re-schedule the appt with the guy and he claims he will be the one to do the inspection and he will be there at 10:00. Not only was he not there at 10:00 he didn't come at all some other girl came and it was more like noon. She did her little inspection gave me a quote and told me they'd call and let me know when they'll come out. Oh and I forgot to mention she had the wrong address and called me asking why I wasn't home. Luckily she wasn't too far off because she showed up a few minutes later.

Step 2: Get rid of the nests. Apparently this is even harder to do than the inspection. This appointment was scheduled for the next work from home day between 10-noon. They seem to really like these hours. next work from home day come noon and no Orkins are here. I get a phone call saying they'd be here in a half hour. Well at least they were nice enough to call. The guy comes in this little truck with a ladder that looked no bigger than the ladder I have in my basement that is only tall enough for me to reach my birdfeeder. He spends about a second looking at my yellow jacket nest collection and says ummm I don't think I will be doing this today. I thought it might be cuz his ladder wasn't tall enough but I was wrong. He claims "I have never seen so many nests on one house before" and goes on to say he only brought two cans of spray and will need a case of spray. Apparently the inspection chick didn't tell the truth when explaining my yellow jacket situation. Why do you think I called professionals? If all it took was two cans I could have done it my damn self, morons. Here's a couple pics I just took to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with. This is the biggest problem and here are a few smaller ones. He wanted to come back the next day and I told him sorry I work. He asked what time I will be home from work. 5:00 I say so he says he'll try to be here at 5 the next day. That day is today and I got a call at work saying he can't make it and would like to reschedule. So I rescheduled for my next work from home day which is next Tuesday. They claim they will be out early to mid afternoon. Gee do you really think that's a good time to be spraying yellowjacket nests? I think not. And these people call themselves professionals? Do they even read the directions on the can of yellow jacket spray? I'm really getting fed up. If for some reason they don't come or can't do their work on Tuesday I'm telling them to piss off and don't come back.

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