Sunday, June 11, 2006

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Another job update

Job situation

I posted before about a manager job I was thinking about applying for. Well I applied and I sat through 4 hours of interviews which I thought went alright. The first one was the hardest. It's been about 7 years since I've interviewed for a job and it was a little tough. After the first one though the rest were a breeze.

My manager is holding onto a promotion until I decide what I want to do. If he sends it in to HR then I most likely wouldn't be able to take this job so I thought it was nice of him to wait. Waiting doesn't lose me anything the raise I'm getting with the promotion will be back dated to April 1. The more I thought about the manager job the more I realized I didn't really want it. At least not now.

So I had a talk with my manager and he's going to submit the paperwork to HR for my promotion and raise. We also talked about an idea he had to give me more responsibility in my group. He got approval for me to hire my own contractor. He got the approval for one and is going to try to get me two. These will be people that I will get to hire myself. I will have to call around to contacting companies, interview the candidates, pick one or two and give em stuff to do. Sounds kind of fun. It will be like being a manager only I don't have to worry about doing employee reviews and all that crap cuz they will be contractors. I also need to write up some job descriptions. I've just had so much stuff to do that has fallen to the wayside because I don't have time to do it all. I'm sure I would be able to keep a couple contractors busy with stuff. I guess this would tell me if management is really what I want to get into. So I'm looking forward to this little change.


  1. consistant and clear expectations = wonderful manager

    good luck for you, hon!