Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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Me: 2 Squirrel: 4

I've got a war going on with the squirrel from hell in my backyard. Once in a while I see him in my birdfeeder eating up all the birdfood the little bastard. He really pigs out too. right now he's kicking my ass but I think I've got him this time. I think the war may be over but we will see.

Point #1 went to squirrel
I have a wooden birdfeeder on a wooden pole in my back made with plexiglass on the sides. Mr. squirrel broke the plexiglass on one side to get to the birdfood. I tried taping it up but it didn't last. I've had this birdfeeder since I moved in so I bought another similar one to put in it's place. Bad Idea.

Point #2 went to squirrel
He tore apart the wood on the new bird feeder. Good news is he didn't break the plexiglass.

Point #3 went to squirrel
I bought a seuet feeder. I've never had one before and who knew squirrels like suet too. Squirrels should just be birds all they eat is my bird food. So I hung the suet feeder in my tree the birds ate a little but not a whole lot so it should have lasted a long time. Well over night I noticed the suet feeder no longer in the tree. I found it about 10 yards across the yard almost completely gone. I'll give you one guess who done it. Good news is he didn't break it. Well he broke the chain off but I was able to fix it.

Point #4 went to squirrel again
putting suet feeder back in the tree was mistake #2 by me. Next thing I know the suet feeder is completely gone no where to be found the rascal took off with it and didn't even bring it back for me to refill. Not that I would have made that mistake. I did find the remains of the chain of which he took apart every single link of it and left it laying in the grass. I'm sure he was laughing at me as I picked up all the pieces. I have a feeling I will never see my suet feeder again.

Point #5 and 6 went to me! RAWR
I paid a visit to the Wild Birds Unlimited store telling them of my issues. They gave me some good suggestions and I went with it. I bought this metal cylinder thing to put around my post. The squirrel should not be able to climb up this thing therefore making my wood bird feeder safe. I ended up putting tape all around it to hold the plexiglass in place. I also bought a new bird feeder called "The Eliminator" does that sound scarey or what. It has a perch around the bottom and when more than 5 ounces of weight is put on it it closes up the feeding holes. It's made of really hard plastic for the tube and has a metal perch so he shouldn't be able to eat his way around this one. So far I havne't seen him getting any of the food out so I think I may be the winner this time. Here's a few pics of the eliminator and the old bird feeder with the metal cylinder around the base.

And yes there's a butt load of blackberry bushes in my backyard I need to get rid of them before they take over my entire backyard.

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