Thursday, May 25, 2006

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Inventory Manager position update

Application sent and interviews scheduled for May 31st. I say interviews because it's not just one. I'm spending almost all day in interviews. 4 of them actually. They must be highly considering me if they are going to spend that much time interviewing me. I've almost decided that I'm going to stay where I'm at and not take the position but I want to at least go to the interview(s) to check it out it's possible I may change my mind. It would have to be a real good offer for me to take it I think. The promotion that was waiting for approval on my current position from Eng IV to Eng V finally got approved last week after waiting for 3 months. Promotions have a minimum 5% raise along with them so I was pretty much expecting that. What I didn't know is that my manager requested 8%. He told me not only did the 8% get approved but the VP of our department added on another 2% for a total of 10% and it would get backdated to April 1st. My manager told me that kind of raise is pretty much unheard of in the company so there's no denying that they don't want me to leave. The upper managment knows that I'm applying for this other job and they are trying to get me to stay. The promo isn't official until my manager sends it off to HR and he is waiting for that last step until I make my decision about this manager job. If he sends it to HR I supposedly can't change jobs for a year so I wouldn't be able to take this other job if it went through.

If I don't get the manager job there is also supposedly going to be an opening in that group which I've been trying to get into for a while now. I think I would almost rather work in that group as an engineer instead of the manager. I just don't think I will be able to get my manager to wait that long since that job isn't even posted yet.

So many decisions to make...

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