Thursday, May 18, 2006

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hanging baskets - edited

I added updated pics. I added a Lobelia to the 2nd basket and my Nasurtium has a couple blooms that were open that I wanted to get a pic of.

Geez I can't believe how expensive hanging baskets are. I usually get them when they're on sale. Apparently now is not the time of year when they are on sale. They're like $30 for get that. I'll make my own. I still have the baskets that I've bought from years past so this year I decided to make my own gosh darn it. It's way cheaper to buy the flowers and soil and do it yourself. I don't think I've actually done this before but I saw Ciscoe do it once. I decided to do a pot pourri of flowers and viney plants I've never heard of. I filled two baskets.

Basket #1
Banana Split Nasturium
Bridal Showers Bacopa
Wojo's Jem Vinca Vine
Illumination Vinca Vine
Variegated Vinca Vine

Basket #2
Beacon Silver Lamium
Paper Cascade Rhodanthe
Fan Flower Scaevola
Solaire Yellow Bidens
Lobelia added

Boy are there a lot of flowers out there. Actually now that I look at the names of these flowers I have heard of Nasturiums but that's the only one. I still haven't really found a place to hang them. The robin nest is kind of blocking the area where I normally hang them and also scaring off all of the hummingbirds. I should have taken the nest down when I had a chance. It's a huge inconvenience but now that she has babies I don't want to disturb her too much. It's also going to put a damper on my bbqing. Those babies better grow fast.


  1. Those look nice! I usually start plants from seed but I didn't get around to it this year (shame on me). Make sure you give your hanging baskets plenty of MiracleGro to get lots of blooms--container plants needs extra fertilizer.

    Lamium is a perennial (and I think vinca might be perennial for you in your zone), so you can plant them in the ground in the fall, if you want, and have them for next year.

    Finally getting some decent weather here so I can mess around outside. Yay!

  2. I did use miracle grow potting soil :) and bought some miracle grow for my veggies. Do I need more for the flowers even with miracle grow soil?

  3. Cool! Maybe once a month with MiracleGro after that. It flushes out of the soil pretty fast...