Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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When I got to work this morning I found a box on my desk. I knew I had a package coming but I didn't know what would be in it. I am responsible for the Southeast Region engineering in my group. I've been working with this region for a few months now. It used to belong to a guy who no longer works for the company. It's no surprise why. He was the worst organized person and really did not do a good job. The engineering he left me with for the SE was a mess. It took me a while but I got things whipped back into shape and have received a tremendous amount of help from the region. They seem to really appreciate me too. The gal I work with the most is in Atlanta and she said she saw this thing and had to get it for me. I didn't know what it was until I opened it. I took a pic with my camera phone. She also sent me a $50 gift certificate. At first I thought it was only for use in a Cingular store but it's actually a gift certificate that works like a credit card so I can use it anywhere! woo! She so sweet.

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  1. Sweet - and silly - that little critter has it goin' on!

    Good for you!