Sunday, March 19, 2006

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The Purple Store

Yes such a place actually exists. No, it's not a store that's painted purple, it's actually a store that sells nothing but purple things. purple shoes, purple clothes, purple drinkware, purple jewelry, purple luggage, purple soap, purple toys, purple cellphone face plates, purple USB flash drive, purple Minnesota Vikings Shower curtain, purple lug nuts, purple manual transmission shift knob, purple lowering springs for a Pontiac Grand Am, and a whole bunch of other purply things. I found these shoes on there aren't they cute? I have no idea what I would ever wear them with, but aren't they cute?

I'm gonna have to take Doug to this place he loves purple. The store is here in the Seattle area but they have a website you can buy stuff from too:


  1. I have a purple MagLite and a purple Sapphire light :) The MagLite has my initials engraved.

  2. This is one heck of a find.. and you say it's in Seattle too... Who knew!

    I suspect the DAWGS may have something to do with it... but I can look past that. PURPLE!!