Sunday, March 05, 2006

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so I just saw something interesting in the news today: AT&T near deal to buy BellSouth: reports

What does this mean? well...

AT&T Wireless was engulfed by Cingular so AT&T Wireless no longer exists.
Cingular is owned by SBC and BS
SBC bought at&t but kept the at&t name, no more SBC
so now Cingular is owned by at&t and BS

recent news say at&t is buying BS and will keep the at&t name, no more BS

so that means Cingular will be owned just by at&t I guess and Cingular will most likely be changing their name to at&t as well.

Can they make this any more confusing?

Sounds like we are going to be one big happy at&t family again.


  1. yup bye bye cingular hello again at&t

    "Under the deal, the Cingular brand will be phased out in favor of the AT&T brand. The name will be familiar to wireless customers: AT&T Wireless Inc., a spin-off of AT&T, was acquired by Cingular in October 2004."

  2. Nothing like a monster roundabout batch o'crap, is there?

  3. So.. didn't the Bell monopoly break up teach these people anything?

    Next they'll be after Verizon, QWest and Sprint.