Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Woo they have Caribou Coffee in Hotlanta!

Can't get that darn coffee bean in that darn cup :( I think it's rigged!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Purple Store

Yes such a place actually exists. No, it's not a store that's painted purple, it's actually a store that sells nothing but purple things. purple shoes, purple clothes, purple drinkware, purple jewelry, purple luggage, purple soap, purple toys, purple cellphone face plates, purple USB flash drive, purple Minnesota Vikings Shower curtain, purple lug nuts, purple manual transmission shift knob, purple lowering springs for a Pontiac Grand Am, and a whole bunch of other purply things. I found these shoes on there aren't they cute? I have no idea what I would ever wear them with, but aren't they cute?

I'm gonna have to take Doug to this place he loves purple. The store is here in the Seattle area but they have a website you can buy stuff from too:

Monday, March 13, 2006

Alpaca cuteness

Doug and I went over to a co-worker's Alpaca farm this weekend. One of her alpacas just happened to have a baby the week prior so we got to see the cute lil girl. She's completely black and her name is Oprah. Named so because she's black and worth a lot of money. She was saying she could probably get around $25k for her. The females are worth more and the color also has value. I got some cute pics of the baby and the other adults. The name of her Alpaca farm is Power Line Alpaca's because there's a big power line that runs right over her property.

Here's one of my fav pics. Click on it to see the rest.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


so I just saw something interesting in the news today: AT&T near deal to buy BellSouth: reports

What does this mean? well...

AT&T Wireless was engulfed by Cingular so AT&T Wireless no longer exists.
Cingular is owned by SBC and BS
SBC bought at&t but kept the at&t name, no more SBC
so now Cingular is owned by at&t and BS

recent news say at&t is buying BS and will keep the at&t name, no more BS

so that means Cingular will be owned just by at&t I guess and Cingular will most likely be changing their name to at&t as well.

Can they make this any more confusing?

Sounds like we are going to be one big happy at&t family again.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


When I got to work this morning I found a box on my desk. I knew I had a package coming but I didn't know what would be in it. I am responsible for the Southeast Region engineering in my group. I've been working with this region for a few months now. It used to belong to a guy who no longer works for the company. It's no surprise why. He was the worst organized person and really did not do a good job. The engineering he left me with for the SE was a mess. It took me a while but I got things whipped back into shape and have received a tremendous amount of help from the region. They seem to really appreciate me too. The gal I work with the most is in Atlanta and she said she saw this thing and had to get it for me. I didn't know what it was until I opened it. I took a pic with my camera phone. She also sent me a $50 gift certificate. At first I thought it was only for use in a Cingular store but it's actually a gift certificate that works like a credit card so I can use it anywhere! woo! She so sweet.