Friday, February 24, 2006

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My work twin

So there are two Paula Thomas' that work for Cingular. ok I know twins wouldn't have the same name but I call her my twin so shush. I call her my idiot twin cuz she's an idiot. Sometimes we get eachother's emails and so we forward them to eachother if we don't think it belongs to us. Today wasn't the first time I have thought her to be an idiot, but I don't remember what the last thing she did that made me think that so I'll just give today's example.

So I get into work in the morning and I find about 6 emails from people I don't know and the content of the emails has nothing to do with me. So I look at who this was sent to and it was sent to some Ashland Call Server distribution list. That's kinda weird I've never gotten emails from there before. I figured it probably was supposed to go to the other Paula Thomas. So I look her name up in the Global Address Book and sure enough it says she's in Ashland. So I forward all these emails to her. Let me continue by doing email puppet theatre.

Me: I think these should have gone to you.
Her: replying to all 6 of the emails I sent her "wrong Paula Thomas"
Me: Aren't you in the Ashland Call Center? It says you are in the Global. These were sent to the Ashland Call Center distribution and should have gone to you not me.
Her: she replies back saying "wrong Paula Thomas I'm"
Me: I know what your email is dumb ass (ok I didn't really say that)
Me: opening a new email, not replying to any of her emails or forwarding any of the other emails, with the subject "Ashland". "Are you at the Ashland Call Center? Reply with yes or no"
Her: yes
Me: I sit there amazed at her stupidity and reply once more "These Emails I have been getting this morning have been sent to all the employees at the Ashland Call Center of which you are one there fore they should have gone to you not me as I am in Redmond, WA not Ashland"

Didn't hear from her again and throughout the day I received several more emails for that distribution list, which I didn't bother to forward to my Idiot Twin. I finally created an email filter to auto delete any emails that came to me from that distribution list. I even called IT asking them to remove me from the list. Our IT folks are not bright... After being on hold for about 15 mins they finally end up opening up a trouble ticket to another group so who knows how long it will take to get me removed from this group.

And that's my Idiot Twin.


  1. Ohh.. similar but different experience here, though my first name is spelled VERY different.

    Lucky for my, she's not a dumb twin, and I've been here longer.

    The ORG I work for has over 150M employees, and twins and triplets abound, even to the point of some with the same middle initial. The email dudes have added (locations) to some folkes in the global to help the others find the correct Dan Jones.

    Maybe you can ask the IT guys to change your display name in the global to add (goddess) or something!

  2. actually they did add something to my name but that doesn't help all the time I have (SS7) put on the end which a few of my other co-workers have done. this email list thing just happened the other day when they "fixed" my email. For some reason no one in Atlanta where our HQ are could email me it kept getting bounced back for some reason. Since they fixed that I've been getting emails for this Ashland deal. It's really annoying and I can't get my email filter to auto delete them for some reason.