Sunday, February 19, 2006

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Glassblowing - Week 6

This saturday was the last day of our 6 week Glassblowing class. We got to make some pretty kewl things this week. Looking forward to picking it up this week. Doug made a couple of suck bowls. What you do is blow a bubble then heat up half the bubble and suck it in.

We decided to rent the studio for 4 hours on Tuesday and have the teacher there to show us some more stuff. We'll probably do that every other month or so. Doug wants to do it every month but I think that would be a bit too expensive so I'm willing to do it every other month. We might rent the studio without a teacher too just to do some practicing. We haven't decided what to have her show us how to make. There are a few things I want to learn how to do. Like make something small like a shot glass and making wine glasses. There's a lot to learn.

I probably won't be taking any more pics of us glass blowing but I'll continue to take pics of what we make and will post them in my Glassblowing gallery.

Here's a pic of the stuff we made last week. Click on it to see the rest of the pics.

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