Friday, February 10, 2006

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Glassblowing - Week 4

This week was a little different.... We had a substitute teach this week. From what Paula, our teacher said last week I thought we would be doing suck bowls. It sounded like it would be fun. Alas we didn't get to that. Instead our sub spent half the class showing us how to blow a ball. Finally I told him we blew a bunch of balls last week and proceeded to show him what we all did last week by showing him our stuff. He seemed a little shocked and asked what class we were on. After we told him week 4 he obviously thought we were on like week 2 or something. I don't think he thought we had ever blown a ball before. So half the class was wasted on not really accomplishing much at all. He had a slightly different technique which I guess was good to learn.

In the four hours of class I only made 2 things. one clear ball and a cup. yippee. Hopefully our real teacher will be back this week and we can make something exciting.

I'd really like to take another class but these classes are just so darn expensive. Maybe some day but I don't think it will be real soon. I didn't take as many pics this week but there are a few. I did take my first pic of Doug blowing a ball. :)


  1. Oooh, I just had a wicked thought--your candles in your own hand-blown holders?

  2. yep I've thought about that too. I will probably try that :)