Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Glassblown Candle Holder

So I decided to make a candle out of one of the things I made in my last trip to the Glassblowing Studio. Ain't it perdy?

I'm not sure when our next trip to the studio will be. It's just a hassle going all the way to Seattle to do it and then having to go back again to pick up the stuff we made. We did find that there is a studio right in Bothell, where Doug lives. We checked it out over the weekend. It's much smaller than the place in Seattle but I don't think that matters. They had fliers about with various classes they were doing but I'm not sure if they rent out the studio to people or not. That is something that we are looking for. We pretty much have down all the basics it's just practice that we need now and it would be nice to be able to do it some place closer.

Oh and in case you're wondering. This is a green tea scented candle. It's actually pretty yummy.

Friday, February 24, 2006

My work twin

So there are two Paula Thomas' that work for Cingular. ok I know twins wouldn't have the same name but I call her my twin so shush. I call her my idiot twin cuz she's an idiot. Sometimes we get eachother's emails and so we forward them to eachother if we don't think it belongs to us. Today wasn't the first time I have thought her to be an idiot, but I don't remember what the last thing she did that made me think that so I'll just give today's example.

So I get into work in the morning and I find about 6 emails from people I don't know and the content of the emails has nothing to do with me. So I look at who this was sent to and it was sent to some Ashland Call Server distribution list. That's kinda weird I've never gotten emails from there before. I figured it probably was supposed to go to the other Paula Thomas. So I look her name up in the Global Address Book and sure enough it says she's in Ashland. So I forward all these emails to her. Let me continue by doing email puppet theatre.

Me: I think these should have gone to you.
Her: replying to all 6 of the emails I sent her "wrong Paula Thomas"
Me: Aren't you in the Ashland Call Center? It says you are in the Global. These were sent to the Ashland Call Center distribution and should have gone to you not me.
Her: she replies back saying "wrong Paula Thomas I'm paula.thomas7@cingular.com"
Me: I know what your email is dumb ass (ok I didn't really say that)
Me: opening a new email, not replying to any of her emails or forwarding any of the other emails, with the subject "Ashland". "Are you at the Ashland Call Center? Reply with yes or no"
Her: yes
Me: I sit there amazed at her stupidity and reply once more "These Emails I have been getting this morning have been sent to all the employees at the Ashland Call Center of which you are one there fore they should have gone to you not me as I am in Redmond, WA not Ashland"

Didn't hear from her again and throughout the day I received several more emails for that distribution list, which I didn't bother to forward to my Idiot Twin. I finally created an email filter to auto delete any emails that came to me from that distribution list. I even called IT asking them to remove me from the list. Our IT folks are not bright... After being on hold for about 15 mins they finally end up opening up a trouble ticket to another group so who knows how long it will take to get me removed from this group.

And that's my Idiot Twin.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Glassblowing - Week 6

This saturday was the last day of our 6 week Glassblowing class. We got to make some pretty kewl things this week. Looking forward to picking it up this week. Doug made a couple of suck bowls. What you do is blow a bubble then heat up half the bubble and suck it in.

We decided to rent the studio for 4 hours on Tuesday and have the teacher there to show us some more stuff. We'll probably do that every other month or so. Doug wants to do it every month but I think that would be a bit too expensive so I'm willing to do it every other month. We might rent the studio without a teacher too just to do some practicing. We haven't decided what to have her show us how to make. There are a few things I want to learn how to do. Like make something small like a shot glass and making wine glasses. There's a lot to learn.

I probably won't be taking any more pics of us glass blowing but I'll continue to take pics of what we make and will post them in my Glassblowing gallery.

Here's a pic of the stuff we made last week. Click on it to see the rest of the pics.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Jamaica here we come!

Wow this is the first non-glassblowing post I've made in a long time. Doug and I have been trying to figure out where to go on vacation (besides Burningman) this year. At first we had decided on Prague then we saw how much it would cost and started thinking about Mexico or Nicaragua. We couldn't seem to decide. I've been checking Travelocity's Daily Low Fairs every other day or so to see if anything exciting came up. We had talked about going to Jamaica too and it was the first time I had seen it on the list so I msged Doug and he said "Buy em!" After going back and forth for a few minutes to make sure he really wanted me to buy em I did it. I sure hope we can get vacation approved :o I don't see it as being a problem but you never know.

So we'll be leaving on April 20th and returning on the 29th. That'll give us a day to recoup before going back to work. Looking forward to going some place warm. We need to do some research on where to stay and what to do.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Glassblowing - Week 5

This week went much better than last. Our normal teacher was back thank goodness. We made a bit more than last week. We learned how to wrap coils of glass around larger objects.

I took a lot more pics this week. I got a few good ones. A closeup of Doug blowing hiw own blow pipe and one of him dressed up light an astronaut. There's a bunch of gear you need to put on when you put the piece of finished glass into the oven because it is so hot. There's gloves, hat, and jacket. Some people don't wear the jacket but I always do.

Only one more class to go! Here's a pic of the lame stuff we made last week. Click on it to see the rest.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Glassblowing - Week 4

This week was a little different.... We had a substitute teach this week. From what Paula, our teacher said last week I thought we would be doing suck bowls. It sounded like it would be fun. Alas we didn't get to that. Instead our sub spent half the class showing us how to blow a ball. Finally I told him we blew a bunch of balls last week and proceeded to show him what we all did last week by showing him our stuff. He seemed a little shocked and asked what class we were on. After we told him week 4 he obviously thought we were on like week 2 or something. I don't think he thought we had ever blown a ball before. So half the class was wasted on not really accomplishing much at all. He had a slightly different technique which I guess was good to learn.

In the four hours of class I only made 2 things. one clear ball and a cup. yippee. Hopefully our real teacher will be back this week and we can make something exciting.

I'd really like to take another class but these classes are just so darn expensive. Maybe some day but I don't think it will be real soon. I didn't take as many pics this week but there are a few. I did take my first pic of Doug blowing a ball. :)