Monday, January 16, 2006

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Glassblowing - Week 1

As some of you know Doug and I are taking a Glassblowing class at SGS in Seattle. It's a 6 week class, every Saturday afternoon for 4 hours. Let me tell you, it's way harder than it looks. Unfortunately the class started the exact same time the Seahawks playoff game against the Redskins so we would miss the whole game. Lucky for us they had a big screen tv in the studio which we kept glancing at to see the score. Doug also recorded it on Tivo and we'll probably watch it next weekend. At least we'll get to fast forward through the commercials.

So anyway, on our first day we learned all about safety, some glassblowing terms, and all that jazz. We were givena syllabus that says what we'll be doing each class, but of course we forgot them a the studio. We did get to make some stuff on the first day. We made paper weights woo hoo. I don't think I've ever actually used a paper weight. Maybe cuz I've never had one... We each ended up making 3, we even got to use color. After making a couple I asked how we tell eachother's apart and they basically said they don't. You have to remember which ones you made and hope that no one takes yours. Geez. I'm pretty sure I won't remember which ones I made. I did make a clear one for practice that might be the only clear one so that one will be easy enough to tell it's mine. Will find out next saturday what I end up with I guess.

I'm going to take my camera with me next week and see if they will let me take a couple pics of people blowing glass. We didn't actually blow any glass on our first class the paperweights were just solid glass so it didn't require any blowing. Next week we'll be making glass balls which there will be actual blowing involved.


  1. Sounds like fun, so I'm looking forward to the pics.

  2. That sounds like such a blast.

    The fun thing would be since you don't know if you'll remember, to just take the prettiest ones. Chances are with our eye for 'art stuff' that the really nice ones are yours anyway!

    Pic - can't wait to see the pics!

  3. Yeah it's a good thought unfortunately everyone took theirs by the time we got their and I highly doubt the ones that were left were the ones that we made but oh well I think a couple of them might have been. I'll post more on Day 2 with pics later...