Thursday, December 01, 2005

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Victim of Fraud

It appears after receiving my annual free credit report today that I am the victim of fraud. There were two items on my credit report that I have nothing to do with. And one of these items shows up in only one of the three so if you get your credit report I suggest getting it from more than just one because they don't all say the same. One of them even had my wrong current address, which was reported by one of these fraud accounts. The first one that appeared only in the Experian report is a $49 collection from Taco Bell in Great Falls, Montana. Who the hell spends $49 at Taco Bell is what I want to know. It was sent to Check Patrol of Montana at the beginning of the year. I haven't even been to Montana this year. The other account is from Missoula Federal Credit Union which has a $323 overdrawn balance that was sent to Northwest Collectors and was updated as recently as last month. I am calling all these credit report places and issuing disputes. When I talked to Experian they sent me to the fraud dept and they had to issue a special dispute. When I talked to TransUnion they just submitted a regular dispute. I haven't tried calling Equifax yet but I should probably call them too. They also suggested I call the creditors as well. I've been on a training thing all day so haven't been able to complete all my phone calls yet.

If you haven't gotten your free annual credit report I suggest you do. You could be a victim of fraud:


  1. or not...

    Well turns out maybe it wasn't fraud the collection agency just scrood the pooch.
    I called all the credit reporting places and they are issueing disputes. I also
    called the collection agency and they looked up the records and said they saw a
    different social security number on the report they received but mine for some
    reason was entered into the system so they said when the credit report people
    send their disputes they will accept them and respond that it was entered
    eroniously. I don't think this will fix the Taco Bell thing that was from a
    different agency which doesn't list a phone number and I can't find one for it on
    Google, but hopefully the dispute will come through on that one. I should find
    out in the next 30-45 days what the results are...