Thursday, December 01, 2005

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I want my camera!

I thought I hated USPS and UPS until I tried dealing with FedEx. They might be the worst. My new camera was out for delivery yesterday so I stayed home from work so I could be there to sign for it. Well it turns out they needed extra time because it's a "rural delivery". So the status is out for delivery again today. I called Fedex to see if they can hold it so I could come pick it up tomorrow or saturday. They said ok sure we'll hold it at the Burlington which is over an hour drive one way. I didn't realize it was that far when I told them to hold it. After I found out where this place was I called back asking if they can hold it in Bothell instead which is where Doug lives and would be much easier for me to get to. Well this other person that I talked to said that they couldn't hold it at all. I'm like what? I just talked to someone and they said they could hold it in Burlington. They say sorry we can't hold it. *sigh* so I asked if they can redeliver it on tuesday (my work from home day) They said they can put in a request but they can't guarantee that it will be. wtf? So who knows if I will ever get my package. Stoopid FedEx!

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