Friday, November 04, 2005

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Work Responsibilities

I found out yesterday that I would be taking over the Southeast Region engineering from one of the guys that got laid off. I'm so not looking forward to this. Not just because it means more work to the great amount of work I already have but because this guy is so unorganized and doesn't follow processes that I'm going to probably have to spend months cleaning up this engineering so I can work with it. Also it means more conference calls. In fact I just got sent one this morning a few mins after the mtg started. I talked to this guy yesterday to go over stuff and he didn't mention anything about any other conf calls other than the weekly region one which I could handle but I don't know how many other calls I'm going to have to start getting on now. I just really do not want to. He was actually going to give this region to one of our new contractors but he said it would look better if a Full Time Employee had the region rather than a contractor and I was the only FTE in my group that didn't have a region so here I am. His last day is supposed to be some time beginning of December so I'm starting to take over some of his stuff. I will get some help from the contractor but I'll be the primary engineer. Ugh I need a new job.

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