Monday, November 14, 2005

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Spritz Cookies

It is amazing to me how many people don't know what a spritz cookie is. My mom used to make these all the time when I was growing up and we used to have fun helping too. Doug and I went to a dance on Saturday night and people always bring stuff to munch on. I came up with the idea to make some spritz cookies. I have a cookie press that I think I got at a garage sale many many years ago and have only used maybe twice since I've owned it. So I got it out and dusted it off and cookies we made. We made a mess and had some fun doing it too. I brought some to work and have been munching on them this morning. A couple people at work asked me what a spritz cookie was. What's wrong with these people? Are they also called something else that people would know them by?


  1. I dunno hon, we called them spritz cookies. I haven't made any since I broke my press.

    Oh, and Kilroy Was Here.

  2. I love spritz cookies. We used to make them different flavors and colors when my kids were little. Oh the good old days. My FAV is the TREE, in green with mint flavoring. YUMM.

    The dorkos at your office have so been missing out. I think the 'butter' cookies that can be purchased in the MEGA TIN at Costco are very similar to our beloved SPRITZ cookies.

    Ah, see what you've done - I will HAVE to make cookies this weekend, tanks for the inspir-a-tion.

    Oh, and Kilroy Was Here.