Monday, November 14, 2005

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more candle scents

I'm on a blog posting roll now I just can't stop!

I've got sooo many scents now that I have really got to get on the ball and make bunches of candles. Everyone is getting candles for Christmas this year. I realized I didn't have any yellow dye. I have some lemon scent and you can't make lemon candles without yellow dye so... I decided to go online and get some. Well just to buy some yellow dye from my favorite dye selling place had the shipping cost more than the dye so I had to bye some more stuff to make the shipping worth it so what did I do? Bought more scents. Here are my new ones: Pumpkin Thyme, Sandalwood Amber, Cinnamon Spice, Vanilla, Rosemary, Fresh Raspberry (have used this one before and loved it), Cinnamon Bayberry (might be my favorite new scent)


  1. I have some Sandalwood Amber and I love it--soon as the monsters I live with let me soap again I'll be putting it in soap and lotion. I haven't smelled the Cinnamon Bayberry yet but I'm betting it's wunnerful.

  2. any requests? I've got a ton of scents now probly 50 or so but in small quantities. I'm making some lemon drop ones now to use my new yellow dye with. My mom likes lemons so I wanted to make her some.

  3. sandalwood, any of the cinnamon ones, nd if you have any lavender... :)

  4. Mmmm fresh raspy-berry!
    Lemon too!

    I'd be willing to trade some washy clothy things! (don't have much more that that to offer at the Moe-ment)