Thursday, October 06, 2005

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I don't think I've posted about work in a while so here goes. The company is going through another wave of layoffs and so far my team hasn't really been directly affected by the layoffs. Well this time we were hit hard. We lost 3 people in my group the last couple days. Ouch that's gonna hurt. Actually I think they made pretty good decisions on who to lay off this time. Last time we had a round of layoffs I wasn't too thrilled with the choices that were made but this time they did good. It's always bad to lose people especially when we are so busy, but at least they chose well. One person they laid off is the person that used to be my manager and is now a fellow engineer. He's been waiting/hoping to get laid off for some time now so he's happy to have gotten his notice. Another gal who was doing process improvement stuff seemed kind of bored with what she was doing and was talked into getting into an engineering role which she didn't seem too thrilled about and I don't think she would have done very well at it so she was a good choice to let go. I don't think she's too dissapointed. The other person is our Atlanta person who chose not to put anything into our database and was the most unorganized person I know.

Most of the people in our group did the engineering for a specific region of the country. except for a couple of people who were just helping other people out with their regions or doing other things like myself. The atlanta person that was let go had the Southeast region. So I think I'm probably the logical choice of people to take over the region I'm just really not looking forward to that. His recordkeeping is such a mess I don't want to have to fix it. We do have two new contractors though so I suppose there's a chance that one of them might take on that region. We have a staff meeting tomorrow so maybe we will find out more. The people that were let go supposedly get 60 days notice so they are supposed to be working for 60 days and then after that their severence package kicks in. I have heard of some people who just leave when they get their notice and don't stick around for 60 days so it will be interesting to see what happens with the people that got notices. I know one of them plans on taking a lot of sick leave between now and 60 days. 3 people is a lot to lose in one group at one time. We will be down to 7 people. hmm maybe they'll hire us some more contractors...

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