Monday, October 31, 2005

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Today's Ortho Appt

I went in for another ortho appt. The space between my teeth is almost completely closed up now. I'm guessing it should be completely closed by my next regular appt. Today's appointment didn't go as smoothly as I would have hoped. While doing something with my wires one of my brackets came loose. I should have just stayed and had them fix it right there but I had a mtg to call into and I don't think I would have gotten back in time for it if I had stayed for them to fix it. Turns out I wouldn't have missed much. Oh well. So I had to schedule an appointment for tomorrow to go in and have it fixed. It's supposed to take 30 mins to fix :( I'm definitely taking some advil before this appointment. My teeth will probably be a bit sore from today's tightening already and they will have to re-tighten them tomorrow in order to secure the band back on so it will not be a very fun appointment. Oh and also they did some funky stuff on my wires this time so now I can't even fit the elastics on. They didn't say I could stop wearing them so I need to talk to them about that at my appointment tomorrow too. For all those curious I went with light green this time and went back to having clear on top.

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