Monday, October 10, 2005

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Daniel's Broiler

This past weekend Doug and I went to Daniel's Broiler in Seattle. I got a $150 gift certificate from work and decided to go out and spend it this weekend. And guess what we spent every bit of it and then some. It's supposedly the 3rd best steak house in Seattle competing against Ruth's Chris and the Metropolitan. It was quite yummy. Though I would say it was probably the 2nd best steak I've ever had. I got my steak medium well but I think medium might have been a better choice. Doug even got a medium steak but it looked more medium well to us. We got there a little early and had a drink in the bar (it was happy hour). Doug got the clam chowder and I got a caesar salad. both of which were very good. Might be the best ceasar salad I ever had. I wanted to save room for the main course so I didn't eat quite all of the salad. We also got a side of asparagas with our dinner. We both prefer the really skinny asparagus but this was the fat asparagus. It was ok, nothing special. We should have asked if it was the skinny or fat asparagus. They would probably have looked at us funny. They have a variety of sauces you can order on the side for your steak. I got a peppercorn sauce and Doug got the bleu cheese sauce. Both were very good. I actually liked the bleu cheese one better. I take after my dad in that taste. This place supposedly is the only steakhouse in Seattle that serves USDA prime steak. We both had a couple of glasses of wine and no dessert. We spent all of the gift certificate and had to add even more for the tip. I think that was the most expensive dinner I had ever had.
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  1. How's about a fondue restaurant? Like The Melting Pot? Should be one in your area--there's three in driving distance here.

  2. Yup we have one here too, been there a couple of times. Since Doug reads this I don't think I'll make my decision known here till afterwards. :) I like keeping it a secret.