Tuesday, October 04, 2005

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Another Braces Update

Teeth are still moving around. The gap where they pulled teeth from the top is almost closed up. Until the space closes completely I've been having to wear elastic bands from the top to the back bottom teeth to get the teeth to move faster. Could be a month or two more then we'll see what plans they have for me. I just got my braces tightened yesterday and decided to go with halloween colors this time. I've always gotten clear bands on top except for this time. I've got black on top and orange on bottom. Though this orange they have looks orange in the lighting at the ortho office but when I look at em outside of there they look pink. My next appointment is actually on Halloween so I'll have to think of what colors to get for that appointment. So I finally took some more pics and added them to my braces progress page. This will be the 3rd set of pics I've taken. Not a whole lot of movement going on with my bottom teeth but the top ones have moved a bit since my last pics. Check em out if you want: http://agape1.net/images/braces/


  1. wow... them's good progress! Looks great!

    gonna need a list of colors you've used to help pick the next ones.. :)

  2. I've actually been keeping track myself. I've already used most of the colors. I think there's a light blue that i haven't used yet.

    3/2 dark purple bands
    3/22 teal bands
    4/5 bright pink bands
    4/19 black bands
    6/8 red bands
    6/29 light purple
    7/20 light orange
    8/15 dark orange
    9/12 dark blue
    10/3 Black top / drk orange bottom

  3. WOW! Your teeth look great. Good luck.

    I have seen teal on some kids- it looks cool. you could do brown & red...

    ~moo's friend, clem.

  4. ya... gotta start mixing em for football season...

    white and purple // or green and gold would be appropriate choices.. :)