Monday, October 31, 2005

Today's Ortho Appt

I went in for another ortho appt. The space between my teeth is almost completely closed up now. I'm guessing it should be completely closed by my next regular appt. Today's appointment didn't go as smoothly as I would have hoped. While doing something with my wires one of my brackets came loose. I should have just stayed and had them fix it right there but I had a mtg to call into and I don't think I would have gotten back in time for it if I had stayed for them to fix it. Turns out I wouldn't have missed much. Oh well. So I had to schedule an appointment for tomorrow to go in and have it fixed. It's supposed to take 30 mins to fix :( I'm definitely taking some advil before this appointment. My teeth will probably be a bit sore from today's tightening already and they will have to re-tighten them tomorrow in order to secure the band back on so it will not be a very fun appointment. Oh and also they did some funky stuff on my wires this time so now I can't even fit the elastics on. They didn't say I could stop wearing them so I need to talk to them about that at my appointment tomorrow too. For all those curious I went with light green this time and went back to having clear on top.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Joygantic Halloween Party

I'm not sure how many people were at this thing but it sure seemed like a lot. There were lots of costumes and lots of fun to be had. If there was a best costume contest I think this guy dressed up as DeLay would have won. Not even sure who that was. There were lots of people I knew and lots I didn't too. There were many people I hadn't seen for a long time. A lot of couples had matching costumes but this time Doug and I didn't end up matching. We had kind of last minute costumes that we put together.

The rest of my pictures can be found here:

Here are some pics T took:

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Twas a BUSY weekend

Lots of pics to share from this weekend in case you're interested. Was non stop busyness.

Saturday: Rat City Roller Girls Derby Final Was our first Roller Derby. It seemed we always had other plans for every bout this year. Was glad to have finally gotten to see one. We had ring side seats for most of the bouts and got some good closeup pics. Borrowed someone's external flash and used it on my digital cam for a few shots. I gotta get me one of them things!

Sunday: Seattle Tour Brother and his girlfriend came to visit for a few days. Doug and I took them around town and did all the touristy things. Walked around Seattle Center and went to the top of the Space Needle and of course Pike Place Market. That was about all we had time for because Doug and I had a Seahawks vs Texans football game to go to and the Seahawks kicked some butt.

Monday: Took the day off from work and hung out with brother and his girlfriend some more. We went to the Lizard Museum by my house. We also went back to Seattle, well actually Ballard so my brother can get my dad some of his favorite Danish cheese (Esrom). Also stopped and picked up Doug's bday present. Also drove around trying to find some hobby shops for my brother. He wanted to check out some RC cars. We ended up not finding any hobby shops that carried them. We went to what is supposed to be the biggest hobby shop in the Northwest and they didn't carry em. We went to another place in Lynwood that we found in the phone book and turned out the place wasn't even there anymore. So then we went to the mall and walked around for a while. After that we went to Doug's and had dinner at Gallo de Oro near Doug's place.

Tuesday: Worked from home, watched a movie, made dinner, soaked in Hot Tub

Wednesday: Went back to work, brother went back home. Life goes on.

No Granite Conference this year

Getting travel approved in this company is harder than ever. I've been going to this Granite User Conference every year since we started using this product. Well except this year. I got my manager's approval and my manager's manager's approval but that's as far as it got. My managers could not come up with enough "business" justification to push this through to the directors. It was going to be in Orlando this year. *sigh* oh well. I've decided I don't want to apply for any of the positions that are opening up on that other team. They are down to 3 people on the team and only one of which is local and he is not smart. I hate working with idiots. I updated my resume on Monster last week and am keeping my eyes/ears open for something else.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Daniel's Broiler

This past weekend Doug and I went to Daniel's Broiler in Seattle. I got a $150 gift certificate from work and decided to go out and spend it this weekend. And guess what we spent every bit of it and then some. It's supposedly the 3rd best steak house in Seattle competing against Ruth's Chris and the Metropolitan. It was quite yummy. Though I would say it was probably the 2nd best steak I've ever had. I got my steak medium well but I think medium might have been a better choice. Doug even got a medium steak but it looked more medium well to us. We got there a little early and had a drink in the bar (it was happy hour). Doug got the clam chowder and I got a caesar salad. both of which were very good. Might be the best ceasar salad I ever had. I wanted to save room for the main course so I didn't eat quite all of the salad. We also got a side of asparagas with our dinner. We both prefer the really skinny asparagus but this was the fat asparagus. It was ok, nothing special. We should have asked if it was the skinny or fat asparagus. They would probably have looked at us funny. They have a variety of sauces you can order on the side for your steak. I got a peppercorn sauce and Doug got the bleu cheese sauce. Both were very good. I actually liked the bleu cheese one better. I take after my dad in that taste. This place supposedly is the only steakhouse in Seattle that serves USDA prime steak. We both had a couple of glasses of wine and no dessert. We spent all of the gift certificate and had to add even more for the tip. I think that was the most expensive dinner I had ever had.
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Thursday, October 06, 2005


I don't think I've posted about work in a while so here goes. The company is going through another wave of layoffs and so far my team hasn't really been directly affected by the layoffs. Well this time we were hit hard. We lost 3 people in my group the last couple days. Ouch that's gonna hurt. Actually I think they made pretty good decisions on who to lay off this time. Last time we had a round of layoffs I wasn't too thrilled with the choices that were made but this time they did good. It's always bad to lose people especially when we are so busy, but at least they chose well. One person they laid off is the person that used to be my manager and is now a fellow engineer. He's been waiting/hoping to get laid off for some time now so he's happy to have gotten his notice. Another gal who was doing process improvement stuff seemed kind of bored with what she was doing and was talked into getting into an engineering role which she didn't seem too thrilled about and I don't think she would have done very well at it so she was a good choice to let go. I don't think she's too dissapointed. The other person is our Atlanta person who chose not to put anything into our database and was the most unorganized person I know.

Most of the people in our group did the engineering for a specific region of the country. except for a couple of people who were just helping other people out with their regions or doing other things like myself. The atlanta person that was let go had the Southeast region. So I think I'm probably the logical choice of people to take over the region I'm just really not looking forward to that. His recordkeeping is such a mess I don't want to have to fix it. We do have two new contractors though so I suppose there's a chance that one of them might take on that region. We have a staff meeting tomorrow so maybe we will find out more. The people that were let go supposedly get 60 days notice so they are supposed to be working for 60 days and then after that their severence package kicks in. I have heard of some people who just leave when they get their notice and don't stick around for 60 days so it will be interesting to see what happens with the people that got notices. I know one of them plans on taking a lot of sick leave between now and 60 days. 3 people is a lot to lose in one group at one time. We will be down to 7 people. hmm maybe they'll hire us some more contractors...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another Braces Update

Teeth are still moving around. The gap where they pulled teeth from the top is almost closed up. Until the space closes completely I've been having to wear elastic bands from the top to the back bottom teeth to get the teeth to move faster. Could be a month or two more then we'll see what plans they have for me. I just got my braces tightened yesterday and decided to go with halloween colors this time. I've always gotten clear bands on top except for this time. I've got black on top and orange on bottom. Though this orange they have looks orange in the lighting at the ortho office but when I look at em outside of there they look pink. My next appointment is actually on Halloween so I'll have to think of what colors to get for that appointment. So I finally took some more pics and added them to my braces progress page. This will be the 3rd set of pics I've taken. Not a whole lot of movement going on with my bottom teeth but the top ones have moved a bit since my last pics. Check em out if you want:

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Peep Research

Came across this site and thought of those peep lovers that might read my blog. Check it out lots of amusing peep pics:
Here's one sample: