Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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New job???

Maybe... We'll see. Gee I sure have been posting on here a lot lately.

Doug just mentioned my manager's manager is hiring a couple engineers in this group he is taking management over since the manager has recently flown the coop. A manager that I despised and wouldn't have worked for because he was an idiot. So I sent an email to him asking about the positions and asking if he was going to be the permanent manager of the group or not. Turns out Doug is wanting to apply for the position too. :o That could be interesting... Competing for the same job or maybe both getting the job. Might be weird being on the same team. A lot of the work I do now is stuff that team should be doing anyway. I made that point in my email. I wouldn't be too dissapointed if I didn't get it, doesn't hurt to try though. Would be nice to have a little more hands on job and would probably include some traveling which would be nice for a change.

Just got a reply to my email. Says he'd be open to me applying and he still doesn't know if he's going to permanently replace the old manager or not. I could deal with him as a manager, if they get someone else to manage the team, I'm not sure... It really makes a big different in your job who your manager is.


    So... what's the chances of you (or Dug) replacing the manager? Not that it would be a good thing if either of you were the manager and the other was working for them.. bad bad in the work place, but had you thought about it!?