Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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I *heart* venders

First it was Tekelec now it is Agilent. Tonight will be the second dinner cruise (booze cruise)I've been on in the past month. Gotta like that. This one is actually supposed to be our "team building" event. Cingular sure has a funny idea of what team building is. The team building events we had back when we were ATT Wireless were quite different. We went on a couple overnight rafting trips back in the day which were fun and interesting. It was fun to see who would get the most drunk. A few people are getting together to go to "the owl" aka Hooters before the cruise. They got together last time too. They invite Doug but not me. I guess they think I'll be offended or something. So we went to the owl last time. They didn't know I was coming till I showed up and they seemed kind of shocked. I think we are going to pass this time and just wait for the free booze on the cruise.

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