Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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Huckleberry picking

Doug and I decided to go on a hike on Monday near my house. It's amazing how many trails there are around where I live and I only have been going on one hike a year it seems. It really is a blessing to live so close to these places. I definitely need to get out more. We decided to go to Tonga Ridge/Mt Sawyer Tonga Ridge is a well traveled trail and maintained by the park and recreation. The trail to Mt Sawyer goes off from the Tonga Ridge Trail, but isn't maintained and there are apparently no trail maps for it. The Ranger says people just decided to make a trail there. We had to buy a $5 day pass to go there and fill out a registration form at the trailhead. The place is only about 35 miles from my house. There weren't a whole lot of people on the trail but there were a few, most of them huckleberry picking. There were even less on the Mt Sawyer trail. When we got to the top we were the only ones there, it as nice. On the way back down we only saw one couple going up. We saw a lot more when we got back to the main trail. Brought back a little over a pound of huckleberries and am planning on making some muffins with them. In case you don't know, a huckleberry is basically a mountain blueberry. They are yummy! I used to go picking them in Montana and try to go out every fall around here and pick some too, though this is the first time I've done it in the past couple of years.

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