Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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Haven't made any candles lately despite the mounds of candle scent my mom got me for my birthday... Doug got me some interesting scent the other day. Black Pepper scent it was. I do love my black pepper. mmm So anyway I burned some of the oil in my pot pourri pot and decided to make a candle or two out of the rest of it. I just happened to have some black candle dye that I don't think I had used yet so figured it would be perfect for black pepper candles. Who knew black looks a lot like green. They turned out nothing like black. Oh well the green is kinda perdy.


  1. It's kind of a Martha Stewart green.

  2. do black pepper candles make you sneeze?? :O

  3. Good question Jav, that would have been my first question, but Doug gave me the answer before I could ask. He said it doesn't make you sneeze and so far it hasn't. I'm sure that was his first question when he bought it.