Friday, August 05, 2005

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stoopidest thing I did today

So I noticed there were some little bugs around my plants at work and I have some bug killer at home that I brought into work on Monday to kill the little critters. I sprayed the plants monday and looked at them today and still saw some. So I looked in my file cabinet and I got the spray out and sprayed them some more. Now what I didn't mention is that I also have a similar looking spray bottle in my file cabinet that is desk cleaner. Guess what I did? Yep my plants are now squeaky clean! I'm hoping it doesn't kill em :o If it does oh well I'm going plant shopping this weekend for some office plants for her new office and I plan on buying a few more for my cube. Boy I felt stupid! Took me a while to realize it too. I blame it on my stressful day of working on escalated work orders that belonged to everyone else in my group but my own.

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