Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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Stoopid thing #2

Damn those aquarium tubes! You know those big tubes you put the filters on. Was trying to cut one in half last night using an ummm bread knife. Well it kind of looked like a saw... why not? Well uh remind me not to do that again. knife slipped and sliced my left index finger. Funny thing is I think I've cut my finger cutting one of those before. I decided to go to the ER it was bleeding quite good. Lucky thing is I didn't have to have stitches! Woo They put some skin super glue on it instead called Dermabond. The worst part was when they cleaned it sqirting saline and iodine in the wound making it bleed again. Oww I don't know how many times they squirted it but it was painful. still have the bandage on it and am afraid to take it off. They said I could take it off today so I will do that later. I did get my 10 gal aquarium all set up though. I set it up for my baby platies that have been couped up in a little baby saver for months and are still too small to go in the 29 gal. I think they will like their new home will put them in today.


  1. Owie!! Sorry to hear it, Gapey!

  2. O why o why o why did I click on that picture link??? **shudder**

    Get better soon!

  3. heh maybe I should have put up a warning. I cleaned it up a bit so it looks a little better now. There's a bubble on it now that needs popping I think. It was still bleeding a bit when they put the glue stuff on it and it got trapped.

  4. Heal like a troll! (they heal fast...)