Thursday, August 04, 2005

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Good Deed of the Day

Well actually it was yesterday, but it doesn't really matter...

After work I drove over to Doug's for date night. I was running a little late leaving work because a manager in a different department than mine hailed me down while I was packing up my computer to ask me to show him how to create a ticket to send to operations. Why he didn't ask someone in his own group I don't know. People seem to come to me from far and wide to ask me stoopid questions that anyone could answer. So I left about 15 minutes later than planned, stopped at the 76 station which was selling gas at the good price of 2.43/gal for the cheap stuff. The were all out of the premium gas per the note on every gas kiosk thingy. I had heard there was a pipeline closure some place and that some of the 76 stations around town didn't have gas. This one must have been one of the ones affected. Didn't really matter to me cuz I always get the cheap stuff. Well except for that one time I tried it to see if it made a difference and it didn't so I haven't since then. After I got gas I drove to Doug's condo saw an old lady walking along very slowly as I pulled up. Turned the engine off. got my crap together. opened my car door. looked at the old lady who was now face down on the ground. Did I hit her with my door when I opened it? I bet that's what you're thinking. No of course I didn't do that! How could you think something like that? She was a few feet behind where my door opened. I kind of stood there for a second. I walked over to her and sock puppet theatre time!

Me: Are you ok?
Old Lady: mumbling yeah I'm fine
Me: Are you sure?
Old Lady: Yeah I just tripped on the sidewalk back there

ok wait I need to tell you what she looked like. When I walked over to talk to her and she looked up at me her face was covered in blood it was dripping down her face all over her clothes and the sidewalk.

Me: Want me to call someone?
Old Lady: No that's ok
Me: do you live near here?
Old Lady: No not really. I live by the QFC (near the gas station where I was just at)
Me: Can I give you a ride home?
Old Lady: ok but I dont want to get blood all over your car.
Me: Looking for my keys where did they go? In my purse? No Did I lock them in my car? Hmm don't see em. Crap!
Me: get my phone out called doug.
Doug: Hello? Where are you?
Me: I'm outside your condo can you bring your copy of my car keys and a towel or something a lady fell out here and is bleeding all over and I'm gonna give her a ride home.
Doug: uh ok I'll be right out
Me: Oh there's my keys never mind about the keys!

They were on the ground where I dropped my stuff as I helped her stand up. She must have been at least 80 years old. She claimed she was walking to the post office. She didn't quite make it. Kinda far for an old woman like that to be walking by herself. Doug came out with the towel and she bled all over it I gave her a ride to near the gas station she wouldn't tell me exactly where she lived and asked me to drop her off right there. Hopefully she made it home safely. She gave the towel back and it's now in Doug's washer being washed who knows how many times. I'm betting he ends up throwing it out. :) I think this was the first time I've ever had someone else's blood on me!

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