Tuesday, August 23, 2005

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Free Parking

Last weekend Doug and I went to a Cold Play concert at the worst located place you could have a concert. It takes about 2 hours to get to though it should only take 1. The roads get so backed up with all the concert traffic and lights on every other block don't help matters. Anyway so we drive out there, on the way there we hear some guy on the radio saying that people should just go home if they're going to the concert cuz the parking lot is backed up for an hour and a half or something. Great, wonderful... We continue on we see the premier parking and at the last minute decide to pay the $20 to park in the premier parking to not have to wait an hour and a half to get into the general parking. I really doubt the line was an hour and a half long but we went for it anyway. We continue on and see a couple signs on the way in saying that the lot is full and only prepaid parking people can park in the lot. Great! Now what? We can't turn around it's a one lane of cars all the way in. They direct us to a parking spot and we're like ok now what? No one was around to take any money, didn't see anyone with stickers in their windows to show they had paid for parking so screw it we went to the concert without paying for parking and left the concert without paying. What a deal! We've vowed to never go to that venue again. I hates it! It's an outdoor stage and we weren't even sitting under the roof where all the seats are. We got tickets in the grass a mile away from the stage. Oh well, it wasn't too bad there were big jumbo tron screens to watch the concert from. When they played Yellow they droped down a bunch of huge yellow balloons from the ceiling and people were bouncing em all around it was pretty kewl looking. None of them made it back to the grass for us to play with though :(

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