Thursday, August 25, 2005

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coffee coffee coffee

I think I'm going to be hyper today! I usually limit myself to one latte per week because I have better things to spend my money on. I would drink it every day if it wasn't so darn expensive. So I decided today would be the day to get my latte this week. Since I accidentally set my alarm to PM instead of AM I didn't get up in time for my vanpool Doh! I missed it the day before too cuz I forgot to reset my alarm. I'm not on a very good roll this week. So I drank my Gingerbread latte. Yeah I know those are only usually available around Christmas time but I found a place that still has some Gingerbread so there. A few mins after I finished my latte my boss asked if he could buy me a latte at Starbucks. So I said yes. How could I refuse?? It should be here any minute!


  1. I can picture you, like one of the characters from Animaniacs--Boingy, Boingy, Boingy!

    Hm, wonder if I can scrape up some change and get a campfire latte from Caribou?

  2. Two lattes in one day? You go! :)