Tuesday, August 02, 2005

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Best Tiramisu in Seattle?

I still remember the first time I tried Tiramisu it was at Buca Di Peppo on Valentines Day maybe 5 years ago. It was a girls night out cuz most of them were single and apparently didn't have dates and my at the time husband was in Ohio looking for a job that he never found. Anyway so I tried this stuff and I was in love. It was soo dang good. So now every time I go to a restaurant that has tiramisu on the menu I have to have some. I have to admit there have been some pretty bad tiramisu's out there. I always compared them to the one I had at Buca's because it was my first and because it was the best I had until this past weekend. I went to a Birthday dinner at the Cellar Bistro. We had a four course meal. We had several different appetizers and I had the Florentine Salad, Linguini Putanesca (which still isn't as good as the Putanesca Cafe Venus used to have but doesn't have anymore :(), lots of different bottles of wine were drunk, and of course the Tiramusu. I've tried quite a few Tiramisu's in the past few years. Javvy did pretty well at his first attempt at Tiramisu. It looks like it would be hard to make and he confirmed that. It turned out great though.

Also went to a BBQ this weekend where I had close to the best potato salad evar. It was more like a mashed potato salad. It was different but good cuz I love mashed tatos! Best potato salad evar has to be Larry's Market Blue Potato Salad. They put blue cheese in it and it is very yummy! I have to admit I make a pretty good potato salad too. I haven't even made any this year! I need to get on it.
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