Sunday, July 10, 2005

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Went to my first live soccer (futbol) game evar this weekend. Went with Doug and his parents. It was the Men's USA team vs Canada's Men's team. I guess it's the Gold Cup or something. I don't really know a whole lot about the sport. Though my dad has always been a big fan of it and we used to watch it when we were kids. We even played a few times with my dad back in the day. Can't really picture him doing that now a days. We never played it in school or had any local teams so the only time we got to see it was when it was on tv and that didn't seem to be very often. We were wanting to see a game while we were in Peru but they weren't playing any of the days we were in Lima so we missed out. Luckily I found out they were playing a few games in Seattle at the new Qwest field. This was the first time I had been to the new stadium as well. Never made it to a Seahawks game last year. It was fun. During half time we went to get some beverages.

It turns out they stop selling alcohol at the end of the halftime. We got in line just in time. We were the last ones served. Everyone else in line was out of luck. Felt bad for em but rulz is rulz. The people that were serving were absolute idiots! It was this consession stand out in the middle of the walkway and there were lines on either side of it. They had coolers of bottled beer, wine, etc. or you can get a draft beer which is a bit more. Since I don't like beer I opted for a wine. It's one of them teenie little bottles. So I asked the chick for wine. I had to say it about 10 times before she figured out what I said then she said sorry we don't have wine. I looked at the guy next to her then down at the cooler with the wine bottles in it and said yes you do. The guy confirmed yes we have wine. ok so I want a white wine. she goes to the cooler grabs a bottle of red and I shake my head and say white about 10 more times. I think she was partially deaf or something. Then says I dont think we have white. I roll my eyes and look at the cooler and say yes you do. She asks the guy where's the white wine he points at the cooler and she gets the bottle. She seems to have trouble opening it and the guy next to her helps her out. btw, the guy next to her is the change guy. I think it would have been more successful if he just served the drinks and did the change because she was a moron. I finally had my wine and paid $6.50 for it. Doug and his dad got their beers and we were on our way. We got back just in time for the next half of the game to start.

We ended up scoring twice in the last half and I was waiting for the guy to say SCOOOORE! but he never did :( I guess only radio and tv announcers do that. Bummer. After the game we went and pigged out on Pizza. I've got pics up from the game.

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