Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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CoH Issue #5

I'm not sure when it comes out but I've heard a lot of feedback from the test servers.

New area called Croatoa - get there from Green Tram

New baddies:
Tuatha de Dannon: Ginormous Dear Men
Fir Bolg: Flaming Pumpkins On Stilts
The Cabal: Stormy Witches
Red Caps: Lawn Gnomes Gone Wrong <--- Jess will appreciate this one

scrapper nerfs:
**Instant Healing is now a clicker not a toggle and has a 4min recharge
**Def was lowered

troller nerfs:
**Can only cast 1 pet at a time: meaning only 1 phantasm can be out when the power recharges and u use it the other pet dies and a fresh 1 is made...this applys to all trollers pets(except imps were u can only have 3imps out at a time!!)
**debuffs cannot be stacked anymore so multiple lingering radiation is out

tanker nerfs:
**taunt can only grab 5 bads in a group
**tough/weave have increased endo cost
**tough/weave have less dmg protection
**Burn can only hurt 10 bads at a time


  1. Well I don't have any decent pets, so that's not a big deal for me...but some people will be mad! Bummer on the scrapper instant heal. But I only got it on Oolie like two levels ago, so no biggie.

    But: GNOMES! YAY!

  2. I"m so very glad I got N to 50.. 1 sing would drive me frelling nuts.

  3. And I would imagine they aren't giving a free respec this time as people simply can't give up these powers for others. They basically have to lump the changes. Nice. :\

  4. Looks like i will never get anyone to 50... frosty is a debt collector -- i am tiring of playing him...
    and now sharry is completely frelled... i'm so glad i wasted so many powers to get imps and recharge where she could actually play the game...

    they will be gather dust.... yeah.. i love this game... :/