Friday, July 22, 2005

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Braces update

No new pics in this post I'll probably take another set of pics in another month or two to share. Went to my Orth on Wed. It was supposed to be an appt to just change out the bands like we have been doing the past couple of visits. The Doc usually looks at the progress every 3rd visit. This was the 2nd visit but he happened to be hanging around and so he looked at my progress and made a few suggestions so I was in for more than just a band changing.

1 - I had the bottom wire changed out to a thicker one. Not too bad there.
2 - Have to start wearing elastics (rubber bands)

I have to wear elastics that go from #3 tooth on top to #7 tooth on bottom. In case you don't know what the #'s mean, they count your teeth from front to back so your two front teeth are #1 and then you count back from there. #7 is my last two teeth on the bottom. That's quite a long stretch for this little rubber band they give you. My teeth hurt so bad the next day I could barely brush my teeth with my electric tooth brush. They are getting better though. These things are supposed to help my bite I guess. I might have to wear em for a few months. They are quite annoying. I usually take them out when I eat and clean my teeth and have to change em out every couple days because the bands stretch out after you wear em for a while.

Color of the month is light orange in case you were wondering what color bands I'm sporting this time. I'm well on my way to trying every color. So far I've tried dark purple, teal, bright pink, black, red, light purple, and light orange.


  1. How 'bout having them do a rainbow, but an accurate one, in the order the colors are naturally (Roy G. Biv)?

    No, huh?

  2. actually i thought about that. but the bands are tied together in like 5 bands and they break them off as they put them on. So theyd have to break one piece off ea set so dunno if they'd do that also sometimes they use chains so you have to have one color.

  3. They should make neon glow-in-the-dark pastels. Those would rock.

  4. ooh i wonder if the white ones would glow in black light.