Thursday, June 02, 2005

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My deck

My deck was way overdue for some maintenance. I've lived here for 4+ years and haven't done a dang thing with the deck. So I decided to clean it and stain it. I must say it looks quite nice when it's clean. I never knew it could look so nice. I still have more staining to do on other areas of the house. Like the fence and the entry to the front door. It wasn't too hard but dang it took forever. I had to actually scrub every inch of it with a brush because the dirt and moss was just caked on that wood. Here's some before and after pics!


After - Clean

After - Stained


  1. That looks great! What kind of stain did you use?

  2. Hells if I know. I'd have to look. It was a clear one. I didn't get your reply to my deck question before till after I had already bought it. I got it at Coast to Coast and I dont think they even had the kind you mentioned. I asked em what I should use and they told me. I used transparent or whatever they they had diff wood shades which makes no sense. I got the Natural one. I'll have to look and see what kind it was.

  3. Gappy it's beautiful. I love the color, it looks kinda like redwood.

    Looks brand new even!! Great Job.