Thursday, June 09, 2005

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I can't believe how many people are leaving my company in the last month... Things since we were bought out by the orange people have gotten so hectic and disorganized that people are fleeing like bats. Do bats flee? Anyway I just heard in the last two days that at least 5 people are leaving that are under my director. My manager is now an engineer and someone else is taking over his position as manager. This will be only my 3rd manager since being with the company (6 years). My last manager was my manager for about 5 years. That's practically unheard of but he was a great manager. I know our new manager only by face I don't really know much about him at all. I think your manager is the main thing that keeps you from staying or leaving your job. If he turns out not to be a good manager you can bet I will be out of here as fast as I can.


  1. Yucky Gappy, sorry to hear that.

    Crossing fings that he's a good guy.

    LOL - the orange people.... are they from Florida?

  2. Aw, poop...stoopid work! I know work's a lot bearable when your boss is cool to work for. Hope your new manager is just as nice.

    Moe--the orange people just use crappy self-tanners.

  3. we call the Cingular people orange because Cingular's logo is orange and they are actually headquartered in Atlanta. They call us former ATT Wireless people Blue because our logo was blue. People are always complaining about calling eachother blue and orange. We're one company now they say and shouldn't use those terms. They call the new merged together people gold. Even though I think blue and orange probably make brown or something.