Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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Busy as hell

So, one of my co-workers is having some foot surgery and is going to be out of the office for three weeks. Guess who gets to do all her work while she's gone. You guessed it. That be me! Everyone in my group is so overworked as it is and now I'm twice as over worked as before. I might actually make some progress if I didn't keep having to go to frelling meetings all day every day. I had two meetings monday, three meetings yesterday, three today, and so far one long one scheduled for tomorrow. How is a person supposed to get any work done? How do you do it Jess? We have this Link Tracker spreadsheet that we are supposed to keep updated with statuses for all of our work orders. Well my co-worker hasn't been doing the best job of updating that. I don't really think anyone in our group has been doing a very good job of it because they're too busy trying to get the work done. I have about 45 orders that people are bugging me about and some of them I can't even find the orders for. I was happy just doing my work, taking on someone else's is the suq! I will need another vacation after these three weeks are over, if I make it through.

Looking forward to the little break I'm taking this weekend to Minnesota! Yay for BBQ's!


  1. Meetings are a fact of life, painful, but fact. The key I've found is that you have to schedule a meeting for yourself, to complete your work. Turn off the email, send the phone to voicemail... and just focus on the work. Good Luck with that.

    BBQ - strange we had to come to the midwest to see each other when we live about 40 minutes apart.

    Hey, bring some cooler weather with you when you come please - for the BBQ.

  2. We should get together again sometime in Seattle. Have a girls night out or something.

  3. Great idea.

    We should do that after the 4th, in Bellevue maybe.