Wednesday, May 11, 2005

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Why Dell Why?

Tell me if this makes any sense to you.

I ordered a Dell laptop before I left for vacation thinking it would arrive before I left. It ended up arriving the day we were to fly to Peru. UPS would not hold the package because it hadn't attempted it's first delivery yet which I think is pretty dumb. I told them no one would be here to sign for it but they didn't care. So they ended up sending the package back to Dell and it should arrive back at Dell today. I talked to a Dell rep yesterday and asked if it could be redelivered back to me and they said no but they could just put in a new order. So it has to be rebuilt again and go through the whole process of a new order when they could have just reshipped the package that was already ordered. What is the point of this? What are they going to do with the returned laptop? It makes no sense unless the reps get to keep any returned laptops or something. I looked at my account and the price for the new one does not have the discount on it so they better not charge me full price for it.

Doug had the same issue with Dell and the first person told him that they would credit him back the money and that they couldn't ship it back or ship him a new one. I told him he should try back later and talk to someone else and he did and they did the same thing that they are doing with me. That just seems stoopid.


  1. Gappy, wish I'd have known. I would have been happy to work an escrow deal for you and Doug with the lappys!

    Next time - if needed, le'me know.

  2. O that stinks. Aren't they supposed to have GOOD customer service? Guess not.

  3. I think their customer service is outsourced to India. At least all the people that work here seem to have Indian type names.